13 American Table, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

Enveloping an eclectic, yet signature menu style, 13 American Table has solidified itself as a household name in the Boca Raton area, offering familiar dishes with an elevated concept. Owner Alberto Aletto derives his distinctly unique brand from his passion for the culinary industry, and his efforts are prevalent from top to bottom. He opened his first restaurant seven years ago, and upon seeing the success that stemmed from his talents, began his endeavor at 13 American Table, and hasn’t looked back since. The widespread notoriety the restaurant has gained can attest to the expertise that fuels the restaurant. Alberto seeks to provide a service that cannot be found anywhere else in Boca Raton and he does so seamlessly, making it a must while visiting the area. From top to bottom the dishes hit the nail on the head, taking a different approach to what would be considered American Traditional. Alberto immerses customers into the melting pot of what America truly is, providing a vast array of cuisines that he puts his own spin on. Their ingredients are sourced locally, using produce from local farms, and taking as much as they can from the area to ensure the utmost quality time after time. The Pork Chops are a staple to the menu, crafted with a parsnip puree, brussels, bacon, shallots, and a sherry wine sauce. The Bone-in Chicken Breast is another hearty option worth indulging in, comprised of a butternut soft polenta, fresh green, and a mushroom ragu. No matter the instance, taking original dishes and elevating them to new heights is what makes 13 American Table one of the best and is sure to adhere to all palates.Changing the menu seasonally allows for Alberto and his team to not only source the freshest ingredients but also provide something different on a regular basis. To bring everything full circle, the restaurant houses various craft beers as well as an extensive wine list and signature cocktail options. The ability to touch on a large scale of different cuisines and be meticulous in not missing the mark is nothing short of impressive, and the genuine efforts make the restaurant perfect for any outing while visiting the area.  

451 E Palmetto Park Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33432