2941 Street Food, Rochester Hills MI | Merchant Profile

Hosting an eclectic array of dishes, 2941 Street Food brings a wide choice of about a dozen different cuisines for customers to indulge in. The name is derived from the exact coordinates of where the Mediterranean and Middle East meet, encompassing an area that is known for their culinary powers. Owner Jacques prides himself on his ability to provide a service that has seemingly dwindled as time goes on. Fresh, quality food, that guests can eat without feeling any guilt whatsoever. The food is top notch and doesn’t sacrifice flavor by any means, really separating themselves from the competition in every sort of aspect. Jacques has always has a passion for developing new concepts and he has hit the nail on the head when considering 2941 Street Food. The restaurant not only seeks to provide delicious food and great service, but they also bring a learning experience to the table as well. The team at 2941 do not want to cater to just one demographic, the idea is to show mainstream America a twist on the cuisine, immersing them into several different cultures they may have not experienced before. Doing so successfully, the restaurant elevates the entire dining concept as a whole, making it a must while in Rochester Hills.The restaurant√≠s menu items are fully customizable, always seeking to make the customer experience of the highest importance. The Honest Bowls are a great option, served with the choice of Basmati Rice, of Organic Wheat. The choice of protein is then added, with Torshi Sauce, Salad, and freshly baked Samoon Bread. The protein choice includes Aleppo Pepper Pork, Zataar Peprika Steak, Signature Lamb Sausage, Tandoori Chicken, or Five Grain Falafel. Jacques is highly respected in the restaurant industry, garnering a Michelin Star Award as well as several other accolades. No matter the choice, 2941 Street Food is sure to provide a service that will be memorable as well as satisfying.

87 W Auburn Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307