2nd Street Shawarma, Harrisburg PA | Merchant Profile

Bringing authentic Middle Eastern cuisine to the Harrisburg area, 2nd Street Shawarma has become locally popular, rapidly gaining more and more attention from the surrounding areas. Owner Mustafa Thabata specifically sought to bring Mediterranean, Halal, and Lebanese dishes to the area due in part because there was a demand for it, and he had a passion to cook. Second Street raises the bar, making each of their dishes from scratch, and making them as authentic as possible. Pair their delicious food with a warm welcoming atmosphere, and 2nd. Street Shawarma is hard to pass up. Starting only eighteen months ago, Mustafa has rapidly become highly regarded in the area, and rightfully so. The menu is chef driven, and each dish is sure to satisfy each customer that gives it a try. They pride themselves on being able to adhere to the customers needs and they do so flawlessly. Their vegetarian options are widely popular, especially their Hummus, and their Falafel. Their Baba Ghannouj is a fan favorite, comprised of baked and mashed eggplant, lemon juice, garlic and sesame seed powder, and served with pita. Switching over to the meat lover’s side of the menu, Second Street really shines in bringing rich, flavorful, and tender meat to their customers. Their Lamb, Beef, and Chicken items come heavily favored, and the different variations provide an array of options. The Beef Shawarma Wrap is worth trying, made with marinated beef slices, tomatoes, pickles, hummus, onions, tabbouli and tahini sauce. The chicken comes very tender, and a delicious option is their Chicken Shawarma Platter, made with chicken, pickles and tomatoes served in garlic sauce. No matter the dish, Mustafa and his team don’t sacrifice flavor, and are sure to satisfy. Second Street separates themselves from the rest, serving late night until three in the morning on the weekends. Even better, during the summer, they open a barbecue outside to create a whole new interactive experience for their patrons. Mustafa took the idea of what his mother always wanted to do, and opened a restaurant with good recipes and a solid team behind him. Since starting, he hasn’t looked back, and the cuisine is definitely worth trying. Located at 316 North Second Street, stopping in, ensures a flavorful meal and a welcoming atmosphere that will be very memorable.

316 N. 2nd St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101