2South Food + Wine Bar, Colorado Springs CO | Merchant Profile

One of Colorado Springsí most significant places to come often and stay late, 2South Food and Wine Bar vows to be the most comforting neighborhood restaurant for anyone to come and enjoy. 2South is a restaurant and wine bar that specializes in seasonal local farm and market driven food and wine. According to the website, the restaurant was founded by and is owned by couple Ami and Rod Quass. Having taken part in many organizations and businesses in the Colorado Springs community, 2South is the first restaurant the couple invested in. They regard the restaurant as a sense of community and faith that brought them success in aspects such as business and life.As of recently in September 2014, the restaurant became co-owned with couple Beth and Jerry Paulison. Rod Quass said that the main innovation behind 2South is to connect people together and create a loving environment. Him and Ami dreamt of creating a place that connects people through food, wine and a great atmosphere.Some of the signature dishes on the menu include its smoked eggplant, meat and cheese boards, sirloin steak, smoked sausage, duck wings and homemade traditional desserts. The wine menu contains over 60 different wines including cabernet, pinot noir, zinfandel, shiraz, sparkling, red and white. There are even craft tap beers including Belgian ale and quad. In addition, the restaurant also offers private receptions, gatherings and dining events. There is even a weekly Sunday Supper Club, in which on every third Sunday of the month 2South Food and Wine Bar has private family dining serving four to 12 courses for everyone in town.

2 S 25th St
Colorado Springs, CO 80904