5 Girls Burgers, Pompano Beach FL | Merchant Profile

5 Girls Burgers is owned and operated by the Geller family. Zachary Geller explained that his father, Gabriel Geller, has been in the restaurant business for about 40 years and taught him everything he knows about the industry. Gabriel has has French restaurants, Italian restaurants, even diners, and always wanted to own a burger place. When the gourmet burger movement started a few years back, Gabriel decided he wanted to jump in with something creative and different that no one has seen before. The Black and Beautiful is a very popular item; a blackened beef burger topped with bacon and blue cheese. My Big Fat Greek Girlfriend is another customer favorite; a delicious lamb burger topped with arugula, onion, feta cheese and Greek dressing. The Dime Piece is another must-try made from Kobe beef, sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms and topped with white American cheese. 5 Girls Burgers even offers vegetarian options or the choice to have your burger on a bed of lettuce or spinach for a healthier choice. Apart from the burgers, 5 Girls Burgers also serves scrumptious wings, cheese sticks and gourmet grilled cheeses. The Milk Jugs milkshakes pair perfectly with your meal and are made with real ingredients. 5 Girls Burgers serves genuine food through and through.

2659 East Atlantic Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33062