6 Degrees, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

6 Degrees was established on June 6th, 2009, making it an easy anniversary to remember. The owner, Ann, worked for Sam Adams and sold beer for eleven years. Over the years, she has always been advised by people to open a bar with all her experience with beer. Growing up, Annís father owned a pharmacy and in the front, they had a soda fountain and sold old school shakes, malts, and grilled cheeses. By working for her dad and serving customers, she learned great people skills and how a small business works at a young age. When Ann hit the glass ceiling in corporate America, she finally decided to take the plunge and open her own bar. She fell in love with the space and how you can see down the street instead of just look at another building in Chicago. Ann had her family and friends help complete a five-week remodel. 6 Degrees has been a neighborhood bar since the beginning.The name 6 Degrees refers to ìthe six degrees of separationî. Ann loves how when you talk to someone new, almost always you get on a topic and find out you know the same people. Ann wanted to call the restaurant Small World since that is what you so often say when this happens, but it was a bit too Disney-esque. 6 Degrees is famous for their Horseshoe Sandwich, awesome wings, and a couple of signature dishes made with six ingredients. Have your next party at 6 Degrees! The restaurant has a private room that can comfortably accommodate 30 guests and are very open minded to what dishes you want to serve. Ann and her team are happy to work with you!

1935 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647