601 Pizzeria, Etters PA | Merchant Profile

Adnan Imamovic opened 601 Pizzeria in December 2013. The name comes from the address, 601 Old York St. Adnan has always had an interest in owning his own restaurant. He spent years getting experience and learning until he felt the time was right to open up his own place. 601 Pizzeria values customers above all and strives to provide fresh and high quality food. They make a lot of their recipes in house like their delicious homemade pizza sauce. The menu consists of Italian staple dishes like pizza and stromboli, and many other favorites like sandwiches, salads, and wings. Adnanís favorite dish is their cheesesteak made with grilled sirloin, American cheese, fried onions, and tomato sauce. He says even though they have a lot of competition in the area, their customers love their food and are constantly supportive.601 Pizzeria is open seven days a week. They are a great spot to watch the football games on Sundays and have Sunday specials. They also offer delivery. Come to 601 Pizzeria for fresh, high quality Italian classics!

601 Old York Rd
Etters, PA 17319