7 Reasons Giving Travel is Better Than Giving Cash

1. Giving the gift of travel is giving a memory. Employees will remember a great vacation for the rest of their lives, and they’ll remember who gave it to them.


2. Travel rejuvenates employees, it keeps them happy, and gives them a mental re-charge. Going on a rejuvenating trip reminds people of the reasons they like their employer.

3. A cash bonus, can be used on anything. Paying bills, buying a household object, but as an employer, you’ll probably never know. Make sure your employees travel by giving it as a gift.

4. The gift of travel allows endless possibilities. Every employee has their own personal preferences, some may want to spend their time at a beach, some may want to go to the mountains. By giving travel, it can allow each person to decide where to spend their time. 

5. A travel vacation gives employees something to look forward to. While working, an employee who knows they have a vacation coming up is going to be energized, happy, and ready to work.

6. You can be sure employees vacation time is used for vacation. Vacation time is supposed to be time where employees get away from town and spend time with their families.

7. Travel benefits families. Employees with children can do more memorable things with their families. Sometimes vacations are the most memorable things in a child’s memory.