A Bellagio Italian Restaurant, Campbell CA | Merchant Profile

A Bellagio Italian Restaurant is located in Campbell, California and owned by Eddie Zencirci. A Bellagio serves Northern Italian cuisine and is a white tablecloth restaurant. Eddie Zencirci has been in the restaurant business since he was young and at A Bellagio he uses his Italian roots in order to provide authentic Italian dishes.One of the most popular dishes is called ìBigoli E Coda.î This dish is bigoli pasta, Nebbiolo braised Piedmontese Beef Oxtail and asparagus. ìSpaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia E Bottargaî is another popular dish at A Bellagio. It consists of spaghetti, squid ink, calamari, spicy Calabrian peppers and Bottarga. At A Bellagio, organic ingredients are used when at all possible. All meats used are organic, as well as vegetables. Everything is fresh and made the day of. A unique trait about A Bellagio is that they try and import ingredients from Italy when possible. The tomatoes are imported from Italy and so is the gelato. The gelato is the only dish that is not made in house. The imported ingredients add to the authenticity of A Bellagio and really create true Italian flavors. A Bellagio is also stocked with a full bar. They have specialty cocktails such as the ìBellagio Cocktail.î This cocktail is vodka, lime juice, ginger and Prosecco that is stirred and then double strained. The ìVenetian Spritzî is also a popular drink. A Bellagio can seat up to 100 inside and then an additional 35 outside. This authentic Italian restaurant makes for a great fine dining experience.

33 S Central Ave
Campbell, CA 95008