A La Turca, Hollywood FL | Merchant Profile

A well known cornerstone of Hollywood, A La Turca has seamlessly brought Authentic Mediterranean cuisine to the area, in an upscale fashion. Owner Ugur Unal saw the need for a higher quality of the classic cuisine and wanted to take the extra step for the people of Hollywood to enjoy. The fine dining concept began in 2004 and Ugur hasn’t looked back since, expanding to this location and continuing to adhere to the demand of his delicious meals. Stopping in ensures the utmost freshness paired with a warm welcoming experience that is nothing short of impressive. The menu has something for everyone, and Ugur kept this in mind when constructing the menu, always seeking to adhere to all palates. Seventy percent of the menu are classic dishes one would expect from the style of food, but the other thirty percent are where the restaurant really shines. Ugur sought to craft his own specialties and has done so with quality and perfection in mind. A popular dish, the Gyro is crafted from fresh, never frozen Lamb meat and served in a healthy portion. The meat is ground in house, and everything is put together on a made to order basis, making it the best Gyro in the area.The Minced Lamb is also very popular, a spicy dish that is cooked over a skewer and served with the customer√≠s choice of sides. The Stuffed Eggplant comes highly regarded, handpicked fresh, carved and stuffed with Tomatoes, Onions, and Ground Beef served with Rice. The Taziki they use is made fresh with Yogurt, and not Sour Cream, showing how A La Turca goes the extra mile to provide an authentic, upscale experience. The desserts bring the experience full circle, all made fresh in house for the customers to indulge  in. The Kunefe is unique to the restaurant and is the best of the best when considering what dish should wrap up the meal. The shredded Phyllo Dough is stuffed with Kunefe Cheese and is reason enough to stop in and pay the restaurant a visit. Located at 1848 Harrison Street, stopping in will surely provide not only a memorable but satisfying experience.

1848 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020