Abington All Star Bagels, Abington PA | Merchant Profile

Abington All Star Bagels is a family owned cafe in Abington, Pennsylvania. It is owned by Lesley Maguire with help from her husband and daughter. Lesley has been in the food business for 15 years. She knew she wanted to open her own cafe and wanted to specialize in a signature product, so she chose bagels. The bagels at Abington All Star Bagels are a unlike the competition in their unique texture and flavor. This is achieved by steam cooking them and letting them rise on their own overnight. They donít cut corners or rush the process, so the bagels are always cooked to perfection: crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Lesley loves the product and her clientele. She loves being able to make people happy with her food.Bagel sandwiches are a big seller at Abington All Star Bagels. Many of them are named after a family member or customer. Lelsleyís creation, The Lesley, contains turkey, cheddar, honey mustard, and bacon, on a spinach bagel. Hashbrowns are another signature item on the menu. Te All Star Special, with egg white, turkey sausage, and turkey bacon, is served on one of their famous hashbrowns. One of the most popular bagels is the french toast bagel. It can be found on Jennaís Special, which is Lelsleyís daughters sandwich creation. Abtingon All Star Bagels offers catering. They are open everyday from 6 AM to 2 PM. Stop by for a unique bagel creation next time youíre in Rosemont!

1825 Old York Rd
Abington, PA 19040