ADEGA, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Carlos Carreira has been in the wine business for the last 20 years. He first started importing and selling Portuguese wine in San Jose, then California, and ultimately the United States as a whole. Carlos was the first person to sell Portuguese wines in California! In December of 2013, Carlos opened ADEGA, a Portuguese restaurant.ADEGA means wine cellar in Portuguese. At ADEGA, they have over 200 Portuguese wines and 70 served by the glass. Carlos has been told he has the largest Portuguese wine list outside of Portugal! ADEGA is a casual restaurant with the intention to make their customers feel like they were dining in Lisbon, Portugal. ìThe decor, service, ambiance and food all try to simulate someone being transported and having a meal in Lisbon,î Carlos explained. All the dishes are authentic Portuguese cuisine, with no attempt to make them mainstream. ìEverything you eat here is made and served just like if you were in Portugal ordering food in a restaurant there,î said Carlos. Most of their ingredients are even imported from Portugal. Freshness is of utmost importance at ADEGA. They do not cook with frozen ingredients, and fresh whole fish are delivered nearly every day. The ëOctopusí is a customer favorite – people travel from all over just to try the dish. The ëSalted Codfishí is another popular dish, and is the national dish in Portugal. The ëRibeye Steakí is another top choice. Carlos explained that more than anything, he wants ADEGA to be known for their authenticity and fresh ingredients. ADEGA is one of the few Portuguese restaurants in California, and the only one with a Portuguese chef who spent his whole career in Portuguese, cooking Portuguese cuisine. Come experience for yourself the genuineness of ADEGA.

1614 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA 95116