Afghan Village, Newark CA | Merchant Profile

Located in Newark, California, Afghan Village is a large, clasically decorated restaurant that serves the highest quality Halal cuisine. Beginning fifteen years ago, Afghan Village is now owned by Feheema Azizi, a former and current chef of twelve years. With a large banquet hall, the restaurant is equipped to provide parties, weddings, and catering for corporate events up to 180 people. Afghan Village delivers authentic Halal food to all visitors and an ambiance that can only be experienced while visiting.What makes Afghan Village unique in comparison to other restaurants is the fantastic food and the atmosphere to match. The facility is garnished with glass sculptures, flowers, as well as Afghan art on the walls. Popular items include Qabili Palau, which is a rice cooked together with carrots, raisins, and lamb meat, and Do Piazah which is boiled lamb, split yellow peas, and red onions marinated in white vinegar served with Lawausha Bread. Afghan village also serves delicious kabobs such as the Chapli Kabob made with beef patties mixed with onion, leeks, flour, and Afghan seasoning.  Although they do not serve alcohol, customers are more than welcome to bring their own bottle of wine and it will gladly be served to them. Mr. Azizi and Afghan Village make sure authenticity and excellent food are their top priority and they achieve this with a very experienced chef and welcoming staff. Carrying a theme of red and gold colors, general manager Sid Azizi explains this represents the true value the restaurant has for their customers and that they treat them with dignity and respect as a top priority. Located at 5698 Thornton Avenue, Afghan Village great for all meals of the day, as well as banquets, corporate catering, and even weddings.

5698 Thornton Ave
Newark, CA 94560