Agora Mediterranean Kitchen, West Palm Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Agora Mediterranean Kitchen is a family-oriented restaurant owned by Semih Ozdemir that focuses serving healthy and wholesome food. Semih is from Turkey so all his Mediterranean cuisine is prepared with a Turkish flare. Semih originally came to the US to complete his double major of mechanical engineering and economics. He even achieved a masterís degree in mechanical engineering, but after graduating he actually began a career in the medical business. After working in that field for time, Semih got into the mortgage business in the real estate world. This helped him find the location where Agora Mediterranean Kitchen is currently situated. Semih found a nice area that is up-and-coming, so the town isnít overly crowded yet and makes for a very relaxing environment that fits the ambiance of his restaurant. The building actually used to be a Turkish grocery store, which Semih transformed into a beautiful restaurant. Many of the furnishings and dÈcor was imported from Europe giving customers an authentic look into a foreign world. On weekends Agora Mediterranean Kitchen even features live music and belly dancers to add to their lively and fun atmosphere. Agora has received rave reviews and customers find that thereís something for people or every culture there. It has been rated the #1 Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean restaurant in Palm Beach County and Tripadvisor has even ranked it the #1 Mediterranean restaurant in the county as well. After settling down and getting the restaurant up and running, Semihís mother came into town to cook authentic Turkish food. She taught the chefs and kitchen staff at Agora her own family recipes and cooking techniques in order to produce flavorful, homemade meals. Semih says that it is one of his goals to show the world that every mother and wife is a chef. They work incredibly hard and should be respected as a master of the kitchen. Semihís mother did a wonderful job of providing most of the dishes that are served on his menu- and customers canít get enough! Semih stands by his belief that homemade food is the best and healthiest food you can ever eat. Every guest that walks through the doors of Agora Mediterranean Kitchen is instantly treated as family. Semih loves greeting his customers with a hug and friendly welcome. Agora is set up to feel like a home with a large dining room. The staff is also considered to be like brothers and sisters to Semih so they are treated with respect and appreciation, which translates to how the staff interacts with customers. The hours at Agora Mediterranean Kitchen are always changing because Semih wants to allow his staff to enjoy time with their own families. His dream is to one day open Agora Mediterranean Kitchens all across the US and one day the world. If Semih continues to serve great quality cuisine that is healthy and tastes amazing, then his dream will soon be a reality. Make sure to stop by Agora Mediterranean Kitchen soon to experience delicious homemade food served by the friendliest faces in town!

2505 N Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33407