Aji 53, Smithtown NY | Merchant Profile

Aji 53 is an original restaurant serving modern sushi and Japanese fusion delicacies. The Bay Shore location was opened eight years ago. By the water and playing trendy music on the weekends, this location is very popular to the younger crowd. After the success of the first restaurant, the owners opened a second location in Smithtown. With the modern decor and neon bar, this in vogue establishment attracts a more mature clientele. The food at Aji 53 is absolutely spectacular, its taste and beauty will blow you away. Aji 53 is well-known and loved in both locations.Every Japanese restaurant has a ëCalifornia Rollí, a ëPhoenix Rollí, and a ëDragon Rollí, but Aji 53 design their own rolls, and are right on the money with the taste and flavor combinations. Aji 53 are known for their signature rolls ñ one of the most popular and widely ordered being the ëAmerican Dream.í This decadent roll features rock shrimp tempura on the inside and topped with spicy lobster, spicy kani, and served with a spicy creamy sauce. Their ëSmithtown Rollí contains shrimp tempura and avocado topped with filet mignon and spicy tuna, whereas their ëBay Side Rollí features ahi tuna and avocado and topped with spicy crunchy salmon. Delicious.Aji 53 would love to cater your next event; they have done catering for 1,000 people parties in the past. They also host private parties at their restaurants. Aji 53 is not your usual Japanese restaurant. They strive to create a great night scene and are very innovative with their sushi selections.

1 Miller Pl
Smithtown, NY 11787