Al Ameer Restaurant, Canton MI | Merchant Profile

The first Al Ameer location was established in 1989. Abbasís father used to work in a small local Lebanese restaurant, but when it burned down he was left with no job and a family to take care of. He decided to take matters into his own hands and opened Al Ameer with his business partner. He started small, just a 500 square foot restaurant with a handful of seats, and grew from there. Today, almost three decades and three locations later, they own and operate nearly 30,000 square feet of restaurant space. Abbas graduated from the University of Michigan and was going to go to law school when the economy crashed. ìAt the time we had one restaurant. We were in the process of buying a second – it felt like we signed the dotted line and the next day the economy tanked,î explained Abbas. Abbas decided to stay home and help the family out instead. Abbas now runs all three restaurants with his brother. Along with the three Al Ameer locations, Abbas and his family opened their own meat market to control the quality and cut out the middle man. Abbas explained that they butcher fifteen heads of cattle a week just to supply the three restaurants! The meat market is open to the public, but it is an ìin the knowî type of place. It is not advertised,and doesn’t even have a sign. Along with the meat, they have a personal shopper that purchases produce fresh from Eastern Market each day. ìEverything that comes into our restaurant comes in a raw state,î Abbas said. ìWe donít have an elaborate spice rack – just a lot of passion and use the highest quality ingredients.îEach Al Ameer location still has that mom and pop feel. If you ask for the owner and they are not in, you will be given their personal cell phone number. ìWe love being intertwined in the community,î said Abbas. Al Ameer is a truly generational restaurant. Abbas serves children of customers his father used to serve. If you want to try a little of all the delicious food Al Ameer has to offer, order the Al Ameer Platter. The top selling dish includes chicken shawarma, a skewer of kafta, a skewer of tawook, a skewer of kabobs, meat shawarma, two fried kibbeh, grape leaves, hummus, and salad. You sure will leave satisfied! Another dish to try is Abbasís personal favorite, Boneless Chicken, served in a garlic lemon sauce. Delish! If you are looking for a great family owned and operated Lebanese restaurant that serves authentic cuisine, look no further than Al Ameer!

2100 N Haggerty Rd
Canton, MI 48187