Al Chulo, West Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Al Chulo is an authentic Mexican restaurant located in West Chicago, Illinois. ìAl Chuloî is slang in Mexico City for ìeverything is cute.î Owner Roberto keeps this mantra in mind every day when running his restaurant. He likes each plate to ìbe cute,î have good presentation and of course have good flavoring.Some of the most popular dishes from Al Chulo are the classic guacamole, roasted corn, soups, and rice. Everything is homemade and has a strong flavor. A specific fan favorite is the homemade tortillas. The authentic Mexican style of each food provides for delicious, simple dishes.Large groups are able to make reservations for parties and for dining as long as it is before 5 pm or after 8 pm. Al Chulo has a large bar and is equipped for many different types of parties. They have special Tequila that is often ordered and accompanied by the classic lime and salt.Al Chulo prides itself on good presentation and good service. The servers and customers often have close relationships because of the family feel. Many are on the first name basis and feel very comfortable at Al Chulo. When leaving Al Chulo, customers know they will be full and happy, and will be coming back again.

1400 S Neltnor Blvd
West Chicago, IL 60185