Al Dar Bistro, Bala Cyn Wyd PA | Merchant Profile

Introducing a concept that has carried widespread notoriety since 1992, Al Dar has secured its niche as a cornerstone to the Bala Cynwyd area.Owners and brothers Joseph, Michel, and George Wakim came to the states to seek higher education, and began their endeavor in the industry as a means to support themselves. Upon attaining their culinary expertise they came to the realization that they have found a true passion for the industry. In doing so they have enveloped a true Mediterranean style cuisine with a Lebanese flair that has become a top choice while visiting the area. The fresh ingredients paired with a qualitative consistency is what separates Al Dar Bistro from the competition. They are simply the best when it comes to their craft and that is prevalent in the entire concept from top to bottom. The classically styled dishes are derived from none other than the Wakimís grandmother, ensuring the utmost authenticity time after time. The Kabobs come in high regard, with options like the chicken, lamb, or beef, as well as providing the tried and true options like the moussaka, and baba ganoush. To bring it all full circle, the fresh fish is where the location really shines, always meticulous in paying close attention to detail. Above all else, the location simply has something for everyone and that is what makes them so special. Pair that with the warm and welcoming atmosphere and Al Dar Bistro encapsulates a perfect dining experience for any type of outing while visiting the Philadelphia area.

281 Montgomery Ave.
Bala Cyn Wyd, PA 19004