Al Maidah Mediteranean Grill, Wixom MI | Merchant Profile

Since 2014, Al Maidah Mediterranean Grille has been serving top quality Mediterranean cuisine. Sam and Jamil work extremely hard to ensure the meat they purchase is beyond Kosher. Their Grade A meat is halal; they make sure the animal was not sick and that it was treated humanely during the course of its life. Sam explained that you can tell how they were treated from the taste – an animal who was freely grass fed tastes different than one who was forced fed corn. Al Maidah Mediterranean Grill is one of the few Mediterranean restaurants that puts this level of care into quality.Order the ëShish Comboí to try three different meat kabobs; kafta, tawook and lamb or beef. This meal also comes with two sides. You wonít leave hungry! The ëLamb Chopsí have a great texture – they are marinated in peanut butter, which really changes the texture of the lamb. Sam guarantees you will be able to taste the difference between the quality of Al Maidah Mediterranean Grillís lamb compared to other Mediterranean restaurants. At Al Maidah Mediterranean Grill, the staff treats every single customer with respect. The restaurant offers a very family friendly environment with awesome people. Some customers frequent Al Maidah Mediterranean Grill four times a week!

49342 W Pontiac Trail
Wixom, MI 48393