AlaTurca Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering, West Babylon NY | Merchant Profile

Taking authentic dishes and putting them to the forefront, AlaTurca Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering immerses customers into an experience that rivals eating in Istanbul. The team at the restaurant pride themselves on going the extra step, and in doing so, provide a top notch experience time after time. Everything is made in house, the restaurant prioritizes creating as much as they can, from making their own yogurt as well as baking their own bread. Every meal has that home cooked feel to it, and it is prevalent in the restaurant from top to bottom. The atmosphere paired with the delicious foods provide a heightened experience, making it a must while in the area. Being able to provide something for everyone is where the restaurant really shines, the menu provides a vast array of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options for customers to indulge in. The sample app platters are worth diving into, providing a combination of different choices so customers can get a taste for everything instead of just one thing. Similar to this, AlaTurca also offers a Mixed Char Grill Dish. It is crafted with the combination of the Adana Kabob, Chicken and Lamb Shish, Kofte, and Lamb Chops. The savory option gives a variety of popular Mediterranean dishes, and is an excellent choice.To bring everything full circle, the restaurant offers live entertainment for guests to enjoy during their outing. The restaurant also offers in and out of house catering as well as the ability to host private parties if that is preferred. Stopping in promises a top notch dining experience time after time, and is great for every instance.

691 Route 109
West Babylon, NY 11704