Amalfi’s Pasta ‘n’ Pizza, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

When Olympia Basso was a young girl living in Italy, she would go with her group of friends to one single restaurant all the time, and became a part of the restaurantís family. Olympia greatly admired all the family owned and operated restaurants that had such a powerful impact on their customerís lives. This, and her love for cooking, gave her the idea to open her own restaurant. To gain experience, Olympia started working in restaurants, and over the years learned all the tricks of the trade, from waiting tables to working the kitchen. Her previous employer loved the way she cooked so much, she was soon creating her own dishes. After constant encouragement from friends and family to open her own restaurant, Olympia finally took the plunge. 22 years ago, Olympia opened the doors to Amalfiís Pasta and Pizza and it became an instant town classic.Amalfiís Pasta and Pizza serves delicious, authentic Italian cuisine. Olympia uses family recipes all the way from Italy, and her customers can tell. Olympia explains that she is constantly told by customers when they go somewhere else and try the same dish they enjoy at Amalfiís, they are disappointed because it doesnít taste anywhere near as good. At Amalfiís Pasta and Pizza, the ëChicken Biancoí is a hugely popular dish. Sauteed chicken is splashed with white wine and topped with fresh spinach, mozzarella and lemon juice. Customers go crazy for it. The ëPenne Arrabiataí and ëChicken Marsalaí are also top sellers. Olympiaís entire family helped her open in the beginning, and now her kids pitch in a lot at Amalfiís Pasta and Pizza. It is a true family operated restaurant, and they always treat their customers as such.

8542 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28213