Amore Mio, Hoffman Estates IL | Merchant Profile

Taking a passion for quality and a higher appreciation of freshness and care, Amore Mio has taken a firm stance on elevated Italian cuisine and has done so with the utmost authenticity. Owner Antonio Barbanente, his mother Francesca, and father Nicola have been in the business their entire lives, and in turn, Antonio has had the business running through his veins from the jump. Having a couple of restaurants before, they have perfected the craft from top to bottom and their culinary expertise is nothing short of remarkable. Having been open for the past fifteen years can be attributed to their efforts to achieve quality and consistency, and in doing so, have earned their widespread popularity. Heralding from Mola Dibeari, Antonio and his family use their vast history ingrained in the Italian heritage and use it as fuel to drive Amore Mio, and the culture is prevalent from start to finish. Antonio drives the kitchen, and his technique takes the restaurant to the next level, he uses a traditional Italian influence with a modern twist. The menu items are nostalgic and are geared towards familiarity with a slight uniqueness to it. The specials are where the restaurant really shines because each item is as fresh as it gets, with the implementation of homemade raviolis, as well as fresh fish and cuts of meat. A staple to the menu, the Chicken Breast, receives a large amount of praise, crafted with a Garlic White Wine, Spicy Lemon Sauce, and then it is topped with Goat Cheese.Through the concept of seasonal cooking, the restaurant has been able to continuously produce the freshest dishes throughout the year. In doing so, the options hit the nail on the head time after time. Unique to Amore Mio, the Barbanente family own their own farm just five minutes away from their location. The one acre space of land allows the family to grow fresh produce that is used to craft their ever so impressive menu options. Stopping in is sure to provide not only a memorable, but a quality experience, making it a must while in the area.

1457 Palatine Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192