Analogue, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Analogue is a restaurant located in Chicago, Illinois that focuses on serving Cajun-creole cuisine along with handcrafted cocktails. The Chef himself is from New Orleans, so his food is all authentic and true to the Southern standards of Cajun cooking. Analogue takes a simple approach to their food and drinks proving that the phrase ìless is moreî really is true.  The menu is filled with great comfort food classics and Cajun inspired dishes. Analogue gets all of their ingredients fresh from local farms in order to support the local community and guarantee high quality. The restaurant offers farm to table food, which means that the food comes directly from farms to Analogue, then is prepared and cooked fresh – nothing is ever frozen or cooked ahead of time. The Shrimp Po Boy is a customer favorite that is made with Gulf shrimp, pickles, iceberg lettuce, and tomatoes topped with may and LA hot sauce. The fresh shrimp mixed with the heat and spices creates a wonderful flavor profile in every bite. A southern staple, Analogueís Fried Chicken Sandwich is another very popular dish. It is made with Buttermilk fried chicken breast, crunchy slaw, house pickles, and topped off with mayo and LA hot sauce. They have a great variety of other great Cajun dishes like gumbo, catfish, and many peopleís favorite – biscuits. The drinks at Analogue are also handcrafted to perfection. They focus on balancing each of the elements that go into a cocktail and once again take the ìless is moreî approach. They have a great list of delicious cocktails, but also offer beers, wines, purls, and even fishbowls! Analogue is definitely a go-to spot to enjoy great drinks with friends! The restaurant is rustic and modern with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and attentive making sure that every customerís needs are met. The next time youíre craving a fresh, delicious meal or unique, handcrafted drink make sure to give Analogue a try – you wonít be disappointed!

2523 Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647