Andy’s Jazz Club, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Andyís Jazz Club first started off as a shot and beer joint whose original owner was named Andy. They catered mainly to the printing press workers who would stop by the bar after work. After some time Penny Tyler suggested that the bar incorporate music into their venue. She helped bring in bands to play at the bar weekly, which then turned into once a day and then at their peak they had three different bands playing daily. For the past forty years Scott Chisholm has been the owner who is also responsible for helping turn the bar into a Jazz Club. Today, Scottís son, Jeff Chisholm, who is general manager of Andyís Jazz Club, oversees day-to-day operations. They feature music every night from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM that is strictly Jazz. One thing that makes Andyís unique is the fact that they serve food. The other jazz clubs in the area serve drinks, but do not serve food. Andyís first started off by serving typical, fried bar food, but have since stepped up their game. Andyís Jazz Club now offers an all-American menu that has something for everyone. Their Rosemary Rack of Lamb is many customers favorite off the menu. Other favorites include Beef Short Ribs and their flatbread pizzas created from homemade dough. They also feature other dishes like pastas, burgers, and seafood to satisfy everyoneís appetite. Of course, Andyís Jazz Club also has a great drink menu to accompany their food. They have a list of cocktails and bartenders can pour other requests at the bar. The walls of Andyís Jazz Club are lined with pictures of different artists and bands that have played in the club. The ambiance is very casual and guests in the dining room are allowed to talk and make conversation unlike many other Jazz Clubs where guests are asked to be quiet and listen to the music. Andyís has also undergone recent renovations that have improved the stageís lighting and backdrop. They also updated the bathrooms for guests during renovations. Customers are able to see and hear the music from every seat in the house. There is one admission charge when first entering the club, but then guests are welcome to stay all night with no additional charges. Andyís musical acts always begin at 5:00 PM, which is earlier than most other clubs in Chicago. It gives them an edge above the other and also allows for more music in one night. The majority of musicians who play at Andyís Jazz Club are local artists from the Chicago area. To experience one of the best-known and loved Jazz Clubs in Chicago, make sure to stop by Andyís Jazz Club today for great food, drinks, and the best Jazz music Chicago has to offer!

11 E Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60611