Antonio’s Restaurant, Los Angeles CA | Merchant Profile

Antonio Gutierrez has been in the restaurant business since 1956. This year, he will be celebrating his 80th birthday, and is still actively working in his Mexican restaurant, Antonioís Restaurant. Antonioís Restaurant is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in the country, serving the best Mexican fare. One day, many years ago, Antonio was passing by a restaurant and noticed it was for sale. He went in, had a cup of coffee and asked the owner what he wanted for the place. Antonio made them an offer and gave them three days to think about it. The very next day the woman was ready to sell, and Antonio transformed the building into Antonioís Restaurant. Over the decades, Antonioís Restaurant has been visited by many famous people from around the world. Antonio has always put a lot of emphasis on quality ingredients and creating fresh, healthy food. Antonio promises you will fall in love with the ëMoleí, as it has been rated the best in the country.

7470 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036