Arepas Grill, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Arepas Grill was opened by Eunice Marcano in Charlotte, North Carolina after only being in America for 5 years. Arepas Grill is a Colombian and Venezuelan fusion restaurant. What is unique about Arepas Grill is that the cuisine is healthy, gluten free and it is a complete meal. The family style restaurant puts a new spin on traditional Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine.Everything at Arepas Grill is natural and fresh. Anything a customer eats was made that day. The Colombian side of this restaurant can be seen in its bakery desserts and fast food. Arepas originated in Venezuela and is the most popular dish ordered. There are many different types of arepas and they can be stuffed with different ingredients. A fan favorite is an arepa made with corn flour, salt and water that is filled with cold salad and grilled chicken. Also, the Venezuelan Cachapas is frequently ordered. This dish is a sweet corn pancake filled with cream cheese and sometimes ham. There are breakfast options such as the ìDesayuno Criolloî which is a Venezuelan Creole breakfast and has shredded beef, black beans, white cheese, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, onions and arepas. Arepas Grill has such an extensive menu that everyone will find a dish that has their mouths watering.Arepas Grill offers catering for any size party and can accommodate dining for groups in the restaurant as well. One of the most important things to Marcano is that her restaurant has a family feel to it. She knows many of her customers and has many regulars. She says her food is ìmade with love,î and the food that she serves to her customers is the same food that she would serve to her own family at home. Arepas Grill really gives a true taste of Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine while being healthy, but still maintaining the rich flavors.

4740 Old Pineville Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217