Ariana’s Pizzeria, Levittown PA | Merchant Profile

Pizza is a craft that is hard to master, but it seems as though Arianaís Pizzeria has successfully perfected the pie as well as many other dishes that are worth trying. Manager Ashley Hartnagle and her team look to provide great food in a welcoming atmosphere. Their vast knowledge and care for the food and their customers sets them apart from other restaurants in the area, and their efforts show with each dish that they serve. Make no mistake about it, Arianaís is as genuine as they come, and there is no detachment between the customers and the staff. They make each patron feel at home while serving a great, satisfying meal. Arianaís is a hidden gem in the Levittown area, but has been gaining rapid success, due in part to the simple yet flavorful menu, and the quality service. With pizza obviously being the most popular menu item, Arianaís does not lack in giving a wide array of options to make the perfect pie for each patron. Their Sicilian Pizza is by far their most popular and has people traveling far and wide to get their hands on a slice. The Sicilian can come plain, or with their large choice of preferred and featured toppings such as their ricotta cheese, bacon, mushrooms, or peppers. Arianaís is sure to customize the pizza exactly to how each customer desires. For a unique option, their taco pizza is also heavily requested and the taste resembles a taco perfectly. Not stopping at pizza, the restaurant is also known for their specialty sandwiches, putting a twist on what you would normally find at an Italian restaurant. The Chicken and Spinach is a heavily favored option, made with marinated char-grilled chicken, fresh sauteed spinach, roasted peppers, and provolone cheese. The Filet Mignon Naples is also a great option, also made with mushroom, roasted peppers, and provolone cheese. Their dinner is where Arianaís really thrives, making the household dishes that people know and love. An entree that will really satisfy is the Chicken Parmigiana, providing a familiar yet original taste. The dessert items bring the menu full circle whether it is the different Cannolis or the Tiramisu, and they all are homemade. Arianaís does offer the option to host parties as well as catering for large groups if that is a preference. The staff cares, and wants to create a great experience for everyone, and will take all suggestions into consideration to keep on improving and raising the bar. Located at 230 Levittown Parkway, stopping in and grabbing a bite is worth the visit, and will satisfy the craving for good Italian food in the area.  

230 Levittown Pkwy
Levittown, PA 19054