Artisans Eatery, Islip NY | Merchant Profile

Artisans Eatery opened their doors on December 1st, 2015 and business has been booming ever since. The owner, Donna Trapani, is no stranger to the restaurant business. Born and raised in Islip, the area is her home and the community means everything in the world to her. Over the years she opened numerous bars and restaurants in Islip. The building Artisans Eatery is located in was actually home to a previous successful restaurant of hers that she opened in 2002 and sold in 2005. The building became available to her again in 2015, and she loved the spot so much Donna and her husband decided to open another restaurant there. Donna and her husband are passionate about handcrafted everything. ìWe like working with our hands and putting in that extra effort. Unfortunately, we donít do anything the easy way!î Donna explained. They have developed their entire brand at Artisans Eatery behind the concept of scratch made. The Eggplant Zucchini Parmesan sandwich is to die for. Originally put on the menu to offer something of real value to vegetarians, it has developed a cult following from vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Customers rave about the extremely fresh ingredients and pesto infused bread. Artisans Eateryís Reuben is another favorite; a Reuben sandwich on a fresh baked pretzel bread with fresh handcrafted ingredients. All of the salads are extremely fresh and gourmet and change with the seasons. Artisans Eatery offers excellent chips and the most unique handcrafted sodas – you wonít find traditional brands in this restaurant. The homemade gelatos and ice cream sodas are also delicious and a nice treat on a hot summer day!At Artisans Eatery you can plan to enjoy a great meal in under 10 minutes and under 10 bucks. Fast, affordable and very fresh. Customers speak highly about the service and cleanliness, and love that so much care and thought is put into every detail. Artisans Eatery makes dining easy with the free parking lot and being so close to the train.

174 Islip Ave
Islip, NY 11751