Artistic Cuisine, Palatine IL | Merchant Profile

Juliet Otero is the owner and visionary of Artistic Cuisine, an Argentinian restaurant in downtown Palatine, Illinois. Her husband, Jimmy Gallegos, helps her run and manage the restaurant to keep her dream going. Artistic Cuisine is the only Argentinian restaurant in the area so many people travel from quite a distance to taste their fantastic food.  The menu is made up of authentic Argentinian classics along with homemade pastas and other favorites. One of the most popular dishes is the Parrillada De Carne that comes with tenderloin medallion, sirloin, rib eye, Ω Amish chicken, Argentine sausage, and vegetables. It is a dish full of authentic Argentinian grill favorites that is great to share between two people. The homemade pastas are also fan favorites from their gnocchi and four-cheese lasagna to their delicious four-cheese ravioli and papardelle con carne. Everything on the menu is made from scratch using the best ingredients, so you really canít go wrong with any choice! Artistic Cuisine also offers delicious beers and wines. Most of their wine selection comes from South America, but they also carry a few Italian and American bottles. The beer they carry is mostly domestic favorites, but they have a few specialty South American beers as well. The weekends are definitely the busiest time at Artistic Cuisine, so reservations are highly recommended. The atmosphere is warm and lively and the staff does a great job of accommodating each and every customer. On top of their amazing dining experience, Artistic Cuisine also offers terrific full-service catering. Customers may order catering for pick-up, delivery, or if they need help setting up and serving the food at a specific event, Artistic Cuisine will be more than happy to help! The chef is also great at designing the menu to accommodate your specific needs and wants.  Overall, Artistic Cuisine is the perfect place for a fun family meal or an intimate dinner date. The food, service, and ambiance are all topnotch and take you one step closer to Argentina itself! The next time youíre in the mood for some delicious, home cooked food, look no further than Artistic Cuisine for an experience youíll never forget!

16 South Bothwell Street
Palatine, IL 60067