Asher Amens African Cafe, Tampa FL | Merchant Profile

Asher Amens is a restaurant located at 1412 West Waters Avenue in Tampa. When Asher Amenís owner, Esther, arrived in Tampa, she noticed there were no restaurants serving West African cuisine. Growing up, Esther developed a passion for cooking. Her mother was an excellent cook and her father was a baker. After graduating from high school, Esther pursued formal culinary training. Friends and acquaintances often asked her to prepare traditional Nigerian dishes for parties and special occasions. She decided to take her passion and creativity for cooking and open Asher Amens African Cafe. Favorite menu items at the cafe include Egusi Soup. Egusi Soup is a traditional Nigerian dish made from melon seeds, palm oil, spinach, and collard greens and served with a choice of meat. Other popular favorites include Jollof Rice with a choice of meat and the Bitter Leaf Soup with assorted meat, bitter leaves, and spices.Rice dishes include Coconut Rice and fried rice with a choice of meats. Be sure to leave room for some of Estherís special desserts. Favorites include Puff-Puff which is like an African donut, Rum Cake, and savory Meat Pies. If you are searching for authentic Nigerian cuisine stop in and see Esther at Asher Amens African Cafe. The warm and friendly staff will welcome you like an old friend!

1412 W Waters Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604