ASTRA PIZZA, Saint Petersburg FL | Merchant Profile

The owner of Astra Pizza, Carlos, has roots in Sicily and Spain. While he lived in New Jersey and New York, Carlos trained with numerous successful old school pizza makers. In 2008, Carlos made his way to Saint Petersburg to share his pizza making skills with the community. Each and every day, the pizza dough is made fresh from scratch right in the restaurant, and all veggies are cut by hand. Carlosís passion for pizza and the community is evident and he works hard to exceed the expectations of his customers. Astra Pizza is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Delivery is also available!Elizabeth Dougherty, Food Critic says, "Carlos is serious about making his pizza. Having made pizza in New Jersey and New York with family most of his life, he has it down to a science. In fact, when I have tried his pizzas, the first thing I noticed about them was the perfect development of the dough. A well-kneaded, risen dough has a completely different texture than doughs that have chemicals added to them to develop quickly and preserve them. It is golden and crusty on the outside and has that chewy New York texture on the inside. It really took me back!"

2915 16th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33704