Athenian Shish Kebob, St. Clair Shores MI | Merchant Profile

Athenian Shish Kebob was opened in 2016 by Ilias and Eleni in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Ilias came to America when he was 18 and knew English. He had owned 2 restaurants prior to Athenian Shish Kebob. Because of his Greek roots,  Athenian Shish Kebob is a Greek restaurant and prides itself on its family feel and home cooked Greek meals.The most popular dishes ordered at Athenian Shish Kebob are its kebobs and gyros. They are said to be a Greek family secret recipe and have customers mouths watering. In addition to the Greek specialities, Athenian Shish Kebob also has a wide variety of Americanized Greek meals such as chicken strips, hamburgers and hotdogs. They also have a Kidís Menu as well as breakfast options. The range of cuisine gives customers many different choices, meaning everyone has a dish they find satisfying. Because Athenian Shish Kebob is family owned, Ilias and Eleni have close relationships with many of their customers and expressed how thankful they are for the loyalty of their customers. There are many regulars that come in more than once daily for meals and because of this, the waitstaff also has a close relationship with many of their customers. Ilias and Eleni put many hours into making Athenian Shish Kebob the best that it can be and this is noticed by their customers and appreciated. Athenian Shish Kebob is renovating their front doors and expanding the front of their restaurant. They do not take reservations but on most days tables will be available at all times. This restaurant is said to be one of the best Greek restaurants in Michigan. Whether that be their kebobs, gyros, or greek dressing, dining at Athenian Shish Kebob will not leave its customers disappointed.

23010 Harper Ave
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080