Aya’s Cafe, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Comfortably located in Philadelphia, Ayaís Cafe has delivered Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine to the area for the last eleven years. Owner Tarek Albasti prioritizes offering a welcoming atmosphere paired with delicious food, which has customers returning time after time. No matter what the situation, Ayaís Cafe will provide a dish to suit anyoneís taste. Tarek and his team pride themselves on the family style environment that they offer, and have done so flawlessly, letting each customer feel appreciated and at home during each visit.The cuisine is where Ayaís Cafe shines the most, offering an array of different flavors and experiences to give a try. Two popular items are their Chicken or Beef Kabob which are two skewers of grilled chicken or steak and vegetables served with rice and tahina sauce. It should also be noted that all items are made in house so the customer can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality dishes every time. This includes their Homemade Falafel Sandwich made with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and tahina sauce served with a side salad. The vegetarian dishes Ayaís has to offer are highly recommended, and do not sacrifice flavor by any means. One of the well known items, the Mediterranean Grilled Eggplant is served in a spicy tomato sauce, olives, mushrooms, red onions, almonds, and tomatoes over Israeli couscous. The restaurant also offers a BYOB option if customers would like to bring in a bottle of wine and have it served to them with their meal. The salmon comes highly regarded as well as the lamb options, creating a well rounded menu for  each patron to try. Having been around for the past decade, Ayaís Cafe has achieved great success by word of mouth and letting the authentic food speak for itself. Located at 2129 Arch Street, Tarek provides an inviting experience joined with excellent food that is sure to satisfy.

2129 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103