Baked Cafe & Bakery, Manchester NH | Merchant Profile

Encompassing a genuine, trustworthy experience from top to bottom, Baked Cafe & Bakery elevates the typical bakery experience to new heights and does so seamlessly. Owners and partners Peter and Nadia Jennings hold their menu items to a higher standard, and their efforts are prevalent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. Having been a allergy and quality conscious family for quite some time, they saw the need for a location that delivered items that were crafted from scratch with no additives, preservatives, and were GMO free. Doing so flawlessly, Baked Cafe & Bakery has provided a service that simply cannot be found elsewhere.The whole concept was to pair fast casual cafe with an upscale touch, and the team at the bakery have done so with the utmost perfection. The quality and consistency are nothing short of impressive and the meticulous efforts can attest to the widespread popularity Baked Cafe & and Bakery has been attributed. Continuing their growth constantly, Peter and Nadia are seeking to buy land in the near future so they can control the quality their customers receive, and the caring nature that is provided for the customers sheds a bright light on this gem of the Manchester area.The dishes satisfy all expectations, offering hot and cold sandwiches, six to eight soups at all times, as well as signature salads and breakfast all day long. The bakery houses eighty different pastries at all times, their stuffed cupcakes being a signature item that is simply a must try. To bring everything full circle, the location serves eight different coffees, crafted with an organic bean, something that nobody else is doing anymore. Baked also serves 36 different custom blended teas, and every iced tea is made to order. Stopping in is an obvious must while in Manchester, and guarantees not only a quality experience, but also a memorable one.

1015 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101