Ban Ban Asian Bistro, Abington PA | Merchant Profile

Ban Ban Asian Bistro offers a refined version of what would normally be considered typical Asian cuisine, putting a brand new twist on it. Still keeping it familiar, owner Robert Rachwal and his wife Angel wanted to provide dishes to Abington that people may have not experienced before. They still offer the classics Americans have come to know and love, but have raised the bar, offering more refined dishes for their customers to enjoy.  The restaurant name means ìfriendshipî and that is the type of atmosphere they seek to convey. Robert prides himself on being able to make his customers comfortable while serving them a meal that they will consistently enjoy.Ban Ban has only been around for six months, and has gained rapid success in the short period of time. The overall popularity has risen in reflection the superb customer service and the quality of food that is presented. A popular appetizer, the Takoyaki, is a take on street food from Japan, revamping it to a higher standard. Known as a savory dish, it consists of a fried dumpling with octopus, and is flavored with umami, creating a rich, flavorful experience. Another great way to start the meal is with the Spicy Tuna Rice Cracker, similar to sushi, it is made with crispy sushi rice, tuna, and masago. Ban Ban shines in all categories, but their entrees are top notch, and really deliver when it comes to satisfying all palates. The Mongolian Lamb is worth a try, which consists of Chinese eggplant, leek, chili, and cumin, with the option of switching the lamb out with beef or chicken. The dish is presented colorfully, is very tender, and reaches the perfect level of crispiness. The General Tso Chicken is also good, made with tender, crispy chicken with their General Tso sauce. All sauces are made in house, with the belief that the customer deserves the freshest product at all times. Something that is a must try while stopping in, is their various selection of Bubble Teas. All of the teas are as natural as they come, made with real fruit, and absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. Flavors of the Bubble Tea include black, coconut, taro, Thai, mango and pineapple. Robert and his team seek to make everything on their menu as natural as possible, and the tea certainly surpasses that priority. If green tea is preferred, Ban Ban also offers their Jasmine Green Tea in a variety of flavors as well such as blueberry, mango, passion fruit, and peach, to name a few. The experience at Ban Ban Asian Bistro comes full circle with the atmosphere that is experienced. The restaurant is a perfect place for family outings as well as just grabbing a bite to eat with a friend. Robert, Angel, and their team have offer something for everyone, and the customer can be confident that they will receive quality customer service with fresh dishes. Stopping in is worth the visit, and the unique yet familiar dishes provide a great lunch or dinner.

1533 Old York Rd.
Abington, PA 19001