Band of Bohemia, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The inspiration behind Band of Bohemia is an eclectic, culturally fueled experience that brings the different ideas and crafts of the restaurant’s talented team together. The influence, comes from the 1920ís Bohemian era. Mike Carroll, and Craig Sindelar have sought to take the aesthetic of this historic area, as well as the creativity and forward thinking, and implement it into the style of their restaurant. Just like Bohemians, the team has traveled, had different experiences, different palates, and brought them together in a location they call home, and it has worked to their advantage.  The restaurant has an exotic feel, that is required to experience in person. The concept for Band of Bohemia was to provide different ambiances for different experiences. The restaurant provides a very open feel to it, but at the same time, offers different familiarity to each section. The lounge provides a comfortable relaxing experience, while there are other lounges that are geared towards a romantic feel. The round tables are more boisterous, and laid back, while the dining room allows the customers to experience an elegant, sit down feel. The establishment remains very transparent, sporting a wide open kitchen for patrons to see everything that goes on behind the scenes. For a more interactive experience, the Chefís Kitchen Counter holds seating for up to six people, and offers a completely exclusive menu with eight to twelve courses that the chef creates. The Grill is headed by Francisco Resendiz, and he takes advantage of the wood fire, taking his creativity all the way to heighten the customer experience. Band of Bohemia is considered beer-centric, basing their menu off the various tap beers that are constantly rotating. They craft their beer in house, and Head brewer Michael Carroll prides himself on his ability to create various beers that pair well with the dishes that are offered on the menu. As item selection seasonally changes, Michael follows suit, crafting the most appropriate beer to compliment the dish. Each menu item will also provide a suggestion for each dish so the customer can have the most flavorful meal. Executive Chef Matt Dubois, is always creating new things in the kitchen, finding new ways to please his customers. He uses locally sourced ingredients to ensure freshness, and showcases his talents in the kitchen. A popular dish he has comprised is the Jerk Duck Breast, made with a mango puree, tamarind jus, marinated jicama, and sesame oil. A new item worth trying, the Fried Chicken, is a very crunchy chicken thigh battered in sourdough, paired with red sea island peas. Band of Bohemia is well rounded and offers several tiers to the dining experience. The staff prioritizes providing excellent customer service, great food, but also a memorable experience. They also offer the opportunity for rentals, seating up to seventy for a sit down meal as well as room for up to one hundred for a drink tasting social event. The location offers an, upscale experience that is certainly worth a try for people who enjoy good food and good drinks.

4710 N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, IL 60640