Bang Bang Burgers, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Joseph immigrated to America from Taiwan with his family when he was seven months old. Joseph grew up in New York, one of the greatest restaurant cities in the world. He fell in love with the industry, even though his parents did not necessarily approve of his career choices. It took a little convincing, but Joseph made his way to culinary school. After graduating from culinary school, Joseph worked for one of his idols in New York, Danny Meyers. He learned how to manage, lead, and create hospitality. After some time, Joseph decided to go out on his own, move down to North Carolina, and open his own restaurant. In 2013, Joseph opened Bang Bang Burgers. The past three years, Joseph has been actively working to improve his burgers and create the best possible combination of ingredients. He has gone through several different meat blends, topping variations, and bun bakers. In the beginning, Joseph was looking at his food cost percentage. ìFor a ten dollar burger, I would allocate 70 cents to a dollar for the patty, but it didn’t taste very good!î explained Joseph. Then Joseph tried making a six dollar burger, and jazz it up with sauces and toppings. But that didnít work out either. ìI started looking closely at the competition, they all do the same thing! They take the not great bun, add some butter so it adds flavor, and put some average toppings on it. That is one way to do it, buy sub-par ingredients and doctor it up,î said Joseph. He decided he couldn’t continue to go that route. He went to culinary school, and if he wasnít making the best possible burger he can, he is not using his full potential. Joseph realized that there two paths; one is to make money, the other is to make food and sell it. ìMaking money is important but it doesnít feed your soul,î explained Joseph. At Bang Bang Burgers, you will find value and quality. Joseph recommends your first time you order the Bang Bang Burger, a delicious patty on a Dukeís Bread bun topped with American cheese served with lettuce, tomato, and sauce on the size. Joseph wants you to try the plainest burger to fully understand what you are really tasting.

2001 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204