Bangkok Cuisine – Sterling Heights, Sterling Heights MI | Merchant Profile

Come experience the first ever Thai restaurant to open in Michigan at Bangkok Cuisine, located in Sterling Heights. Owner Sandy Arpachinda first opened Bangkok Cuisine in 1983 on 16 Mile Rd after only one year of working and learning about the restaurant industry in Detroit. Sandy and her husband first struggled in introducing Thai cuisine to the area, but three years later hit success and grew their business. Today, Sandy and her friends and family own and operate 10 Bangkok Cuisines all around the Detroit area and work hard to ensure each guest leaves happy, full, and satisfied.   Before moving to New York to work as a beautician, Sandy immigrated from Thailand. She later moved to Detroit at 17 years old to attend school with $200 and was forced to find a way to support her studies by working. Sandy’s maintained an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the entire course of her life. She even has a published cookbook , Thai Pure & Simple, where you can find her fabulous Thai recipes to prepare at home! Her determination and hard work now helps support her family and friends who are all partners in Bangkok Cuisine.   Bangkok Cuisine is where the locals go to get the best Thai food around. The food, service, and relaxing atmosphere keep customers coming back hungry for more. For those new to Thai cuisine, it can get pretty spicy when it’s authentic – like it is at Bangkok Cuisine. The attentive and friendly staff will ask about your personal spice preference and customize the order to your liking.   Bangkok’s bestselling entrees are the Pad Thai and Curry dishes. The Pad Thai is made with bean thread noodles with eggs, bean sprouts, green onions, and is garnished with lime and crushed peanuts. Thai curry has less potent qualities than traditional Indian curry. With a milder taste, but still packed with flavor, Bangkok Cuisine’s Curry is a pallet pleasing crowd favorite dish.   Next time you find yourself in Sterling Heights or anywhere in the metro of Detroit, Bangkok Cuisine is a must try for authentic Thai food. Stop by and enjoy a memorable meal – you won’t be disappointed! 

2149 15 Mile Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48310