Banjara Indian Bistro, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Banjara Indian Bistro is located at 8705 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. The restaurant is owned by Manish Chopra. Manish tells us Banjara means nomad. The name represents the restaurantís cuisine, which is representative of all the regions of Manishís native country of India. Manish earned a degree in Bio-Sciences in India and worked for major biotech firms. His first love and interest was always cooking. Following his passion, he opened  the restaurant in 2008. Banjara features both a main menu and a monthly specials menu. This allows diners to take a culinary tour of India, sampling delicacies from each region. Manish mentions two factors which set his restaurant apart. First, everything in the restaurant is cooked to order. They only use the finest and freshest ingredients in creating authentic homemade recipes. Their curry is made from scratch takes over 6 hours to make. Second, the staff of the restaurant is highly trained. They are able to suggest palate friendly options that are pleasing to every guest. Customers love to sample a number of traditional Indian appetizers while they are at Bajara. Some examples include: Aloo Tikki, which contains potato patties stuffed with spinach, and homemade cheese, topped with tamarind and date chutney, and Panir Tikka, which is homemade Indian cheese, hung curd, cardamom, and cinnamon powder, grilled in tandoor. All of the entrees are served with  tasty homemade Basmati Rice. Try the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is a Tandoor roasted boneless chicken breast, tomato sauce, fenugreek leaves, and fresh cream. Another popular option is the Chicken Curry: a boneless chicken breast, caramelized onion, tomato sauce, ginger, garlic, and garam masala. They also make delicious lamb dishes like Lamb Vindaloo and Lamb Karahi.Banjara Indian Bistro is open Tuesday-Sunday. They offer great vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for dine in or take out. If you are in Philadelphia and looking for great Indian cuisine, stop by and see Manish at Banjara Indian Bistro. He and his attentive staff will ensure you have a great dining experience!

8705 Germantown Pike
Philadelphia, PA 19118