Bayside Lounge, Fairhaven ME | Merchant Profile

Enveloping a culinary powerhouse paired with excellent entertainment, Bayside Lounge has derived a simple concept and held it to a higher standard, securing itself as a niche to the area. Current owner Kevin has taken on this endeavor just a year ago, and since then has raised the lounge to greater heights with his culinary and industry expertise. Kevin has worked in the business from top to bottom whether that be bartending, cooking, or even security, and his knowledge is prevalent in Bayside. He dabbles in all of the aspects of the location from start to finish, and his efforts can attest to the widespread success that he has attained since being here. Stopping in guarantees a top notch experience, making it a must while in the area. Bayside Lounge prides itself on having something for everyone, rightfully so, the options hit the nail on the head no matter the instance. On Fridayís the location hosts a clam boil and is reason enough to stop in and give the lounge a try. Being in the Fairhaven area promises for the best of the best when it comes to seafood, and Bayside certainly does not lack in that category by any means. The Fish and Chips are by far the most popular option, as well as the the Haddock and Scallops. For those who aren’t interested in seafood, Kevin and his team also offer other fantastic options like their Steak and Cheese, as well as their various burger choices. No matter the instance, stopping in promises a quality and memorable experience time after time. To bring everything full circle, the entertainment does not cut corners in providing something that compliments each dining experience to the highest degree. On Tuesdays and Fridays Karaoke is offered as well as country line dancing on Sundays. The location also offers live band music on Saturday along with a DJ on Fridays. Pair that with their fantastic drink selection, and Bayside Lounge encapsulates a perfect outing time after time, and is perfect for any instance while paying the area a visit.

125 Sconticut Neck Rd.
Fairhaven, ME 02719