BBQ Box, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Classic Barbecue and a heightened experience is exactly what BBQ Box has brought to the Fort Lauderdale area, crafting authentic BBQ with a Georgian flare that has people coming back for more. Owner Sean Mahynske brings his signature style to the kitchen putting quality as a top priority for his customers. He has been in the business since college and after leaving for a short period of time, found that he couldn’t stay away from making people satisfied with his culinary skills. The area has always had a need for home style smoked barbecue, and Sean and his team have hit the nail on the head, offering top notch food that has people consistently coming back for more. BBQ Box offers all of the classic that one would expect when digging into the cuisine. Sean prides himself on his ability to go the extra mile and take the time necessary to provide the best of the best. The food speaks for itself and while constantly raising the bar for his customers, there is no competition when it comes to this restaurant. The Pork Butt is award winning, and Sean garnered that achievement fundraising for a local clinic. The experience is always genuine at BBQ Box, and that shows with each dish that comes out of the kitchen.The Pulled Pork is a classic option worth giving a try as well as the Brisket, both offering tender premium meats that are combined with the house barbecue sauce. The flavors blend great together and it simply cannot be found anywhere else. Everything is house made so the customer can be confident they are receiving the best quality food with each visit. Unique options on the menu include their Pulled Chicken, Barbecue Tacos, and the BBQ Chicken Egg Roll. All something that need to be indulged in while visiting the location. BBQ Box also makes their own Potato Chips which pair well with the food choices. The Reuben Sandwich and the Corned Beef on Rye are also a specialty of Seanís and they out do any New York style sandwich by a long shot. Keeping it simple while not sacrificing flavor is the main objective and BBQ Box has done so seamlessly. The food is great and the service is even better, and they are constantly smoking meats on the property daily to keep up with the high demand. Taking it on the go look out for a BBQ Box food truck, as that is also in the works, and the location also delivers if that is preferred. Sean and his team also offer catering and smoke the meats on site providing the most authentic experience possible. The restaurant is certainly worth a try while visiting Fort Lauderdale.

6303 Powerline Rd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309