Beans & Cornbread Soulful Bistro Bar, Southfield MI | Merchant Profile

Patrick Coleman grew up on his motherís and grandmotherís comfort food. There would always be neat smells and good jazz playing at his house. Patrick has an extensive background in fine dining, and always thought it would be so cool to take his background and fuse it with the food with he knew and loved. A type of restaurant that served comfort food with all the fine dining characteristics – nice china, great service, and whisky, of course. In 1997, Patrick put his ideas in action and opened Beans & Cornbread Soulful Bistro Bar. Patrick and his family are from Detroit. When he started planning, Patrick recognised that there were plenty of soul food restaurants in the Detroit area, but people in the northern suburbs would love to enjoy something like this. Beans & Cornbread transcends cultural lines – everyone loves comfort food! The ëFried Chickení is extremely popular, along with the ëCatfishí and ëBaby Back Ribsí. Beans & Cornbread is famous for their epicurean nuances they use to dress up the food. Patrick explains that his food is not exactly what you would find in his grandmotherís kitchen. Like traditional southern cooking, she cooked with fat, lard, and salt pork. What Beans & Cornbread has done was take some of those southern classics and given them a healthier spin. Instead of salt pork, they used smoked turkey to flavor their beans. This reduces the sodium and cholesterol content but still retains the delicious flavor. Instead of salmon patties, Beans & Cornbread creates ëSalmon Croquettesí, garnished with roasted red pepper beer blanc and portabella mushrooms. This unique concept introduces different cultures to each other. Beans & Cornbread has a full bar with some amazing bourbons. A certain amount of love goes into Beans & Cornbreadís comfort food, and it has been recognized nationally. Beans & Cornbread has been featured on The Food Network, Rachel Ray wrote about them, and theyíve been nominated four times for the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Award. Come see what all the buzz is about.

29508 Northwestern Hwy
Southfield, MI 48034