Beehive Oven, Brooklyn NY | Merchant Profile

Beehive Oven in Brooklyn is owned by Treva and John Chadwell. Treva is a classically trained chef from the Chef Institute of Culinary Education. The idea for Beehive Oven was born after Hurricane Sandy. Treva would cook for volunteers and do what she could to help out. People loved her food and said it made them feel at home. That homey feeling remained the concept at the restaurant. Their dishes reflect heritage and generations of family recipes. Treva and John strive everyday to move their brand forward, to do their best, and to be good neighbors. The name Beehive Oven has a very personal meaning to Treva and fits the retaurant’s concept to a tea. She relates to bees because they are ìcommunity minded, hard workers, and produce something sweet.î When her family was looking at colleges for her daughter, they came across a beehive oven, which is a domed oven that the families would use to cook their favorite comfort foods, and thus the name came about.In their scratch kitchen the team at Beehive Oven likes to say they make ìeverything but the honey and the hot sauce.î They call themselves a biscuit cafe because biscuits are simple and comforting, which is the goal with their food. They serve a biscuit with everything. They have a list of biscuit sandwiches called ìGrandmaís Biscuitsî and also have a ìMake Your Own Biscuitî list, so the options are endless. They have vegetarian options available for your creation. Their other best sellers are the Shrimp and Grits and the ìChicken-Friedî Steak, a tenderized piece of steak, breaded and fried in the style of fried chicken, over mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Their bar options are beers and wines. They make specialty beer and wine cocktails as well. Beehive Oven gets customers from all over the world. Tourists in New York seek them out for their southern style of food that isnít as common in the area. Texans come for the food that makes them feel at home and the ìTexas kindî atmosphere. Treva says her feedback from customers is that the food is simple and pretty on the plate and the staff makes them feel like they matter. Beehive Oven is open seven days a week. They sell their own jams and biscuits and offer classes. More information is available on their website. Check out Beehive Oven for classic southern comfort food and friendly service!

182 S 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211