Beirock Wraps, Garden City MI | Merchant Profile

Beirock Wraps is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Garden City, Michigan that opened in July of 2016. It is family owned and operated by Teddy and his parents who have years of experience cooking and owning restaurants. Teddy grew up in his parentsí restaurant, the Golden Chicken, and learned everything he knows from watching his parents at a young age. He says the biggest keys to success are consistency, quality, and great customer service. Teddy says that the most rewarding part of working in the restaurant business is watching customers smile while enjoying your food.  Beirock Wraps serves Middle Eastern wraps and cuisine while using the freshest and finest ingredients to handcraft each dish. The menu is full of variety including options like appetizers, soups & salads, burgers & sandwiches, entrees, wraps, desserts, and more! One of the most popular menu items is the Lemon Cream Chop made with marinated chicken breasts over a bed of rice that is drizzled with a lemon garlic cream sauce. Once the sauce is poured over the dish the flavor just soaks in and makes every bite irresistible delicious. When it comes to their wraps, the Tour Deí Lebanon is a great choice to get a taste of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. The wrap is made with falafel, hummus, grape leaves, lettuce, parsley, pickles, and garlic.Be sure to save room for Beirock Wrapsí sinful desserts too. They offer a very unique dish the Choco Kebab that comes with chocolate shawarma shavings and whipped cream wrapped in a slight cocoa flavored crepe. Their chocolate shawarma machine is one-of-a-kind and the first of its kind in Michigan. You wonít find this delectable dessert anywhere else, so be sure to order one to give your taste buds a taste treat delight!All in all, Beirock Wraps is a great eatery to sit back, relax, and enjoy a high quality meal. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable with a friendly, attentive, and hardworking staff. They make sure to take care of every customer that walks through the door ensuring they leave happy, full, and satisfied. The next time youíre in Garden City and craving a home cooked, flavorful meal, be sure to visit Beirock Wraps. Itís a meal and experience you wonít forget!

5926 Middlebelt Rd
Garden City, MI 48135