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Vinny Seminerio started working at his dad and uncleís restaurant in 1980 in Rockford, Illinois. Vinny started making pizzas when he was just ten years old. When he was about thirteen, Vinny started to make his own dough and sauce by tweaking the family recipe without his dad and uncleís permission. Soon customers started sending extra compliments to the kitchen regarding the crispiness and improvement in flavor. ìMy uncle and dad didnít even know what was going on because I was just doing it and afraid to tell them and get in trouble,î Vinny explained. People started requesting that Vinny make their pizzas because they started to make the connection that Vinny was the one that was doing something different. Eventually, Vinny got so good that when he was fourteen years old, his dad and uncle let him take over! Over the years, Vinny won many awards for the Best Pizza in Rockford. In 2006, Vinny moved down to Florida and opened Vinnyís Little Italy. The restaurant was going so well that he quickly got discovered by an innovative franchise company out of New York. ìI got a bunch of letters but just threw them away at first because I thought it was bologna,î explained Vinny. He finally decided to show one of his attorneys the letter, and they told him it was real and they actually did want to franchise him. Vinny decided to go through with it, had a name, a cartoon character of himself and even a slogan, but then the market crashed in 2008 and Vinny never got to open a location. A few years later Vinny opened Anthonyís Deli with some friends.That sold, and Vinny was ready for the next opportunity. Vinny and his partner Tim Woodruff purchased Bella Díoraís Pizza & Pasta. Vinny slowly changed the recipes so it wouldnít be so drastic. ìThey didnít even know it, but it slowly got better and better,î said Vinny. Soon their customers couldnít get enough of their pizzas! Bella Díoraís offer several different kinds of pizza. You have the New York hand-tossed pizza, the thinner Chicago Thin Crust pizza, the Stuffed Chicago Pizza, the Sicilian Panned Pizza, and last but not least, the Deep Dish pizza, that has a flaky butter crust and two and a half inches of toppings. Whichever pie you try at Bella Díoraís Pizza & Pasta, you are sure to love!

131 Clearwater Largo Rd N
Largo, FL 33770