Bella ‘Mbriana, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Bella ëMbriana has brought a fresh, unique concept to the Chicagoland area, providing authentic Italian dishes that are familiar as well as different. Owners Carmine Salemmo and Nicholas Russo have sought to create a cultural experience in a welcoming environment, that is genuine, and flavorful. Both have very strong ties to Southern Italy, and have prided themselves on the ability to bring old school Italian dishes to the states. They have successfully separated themselves from other Italian restaurants, and have continued to bring exclusive, rich meals to their customers. More specifically, Carmine and Nicholas originate from a rich Neapolitan heritage and have centralized their menu on the classic dishes that are derived from the culture. Opening just recently on November 12th of 2015, it has not been difficult for the duo to create repeat customers, due in part to the delicious, unique items that are offered. Their Coniglio Allíischitana comes highly recommended, and is a dish that cannot be found anywhere else. Crafted with tender rabbit, it is fried with garlic, oil, and wine, and served with cherry tomatoes, wild herbs, and arugula salad. Their beef stew is also a popular menu item, made with a large amount of onions, which is typical in Napoli, with a base of oil, carrots, celery, and beef. The tasty dish is then slow cooked for about six hours, making the onions sweet, and the beef tender, complimenting each other well. Carmine comes from a family with extensive roots in the gelato industry. They have owned many gelaterias, and have earned several awards for their famous dessert including Best Gelateria in Italy, as well as Best Tasting Gelato. They have transitioned that focus to the states, and are very selective on all of the products they use. It is important to Carmine and Nicholas to go the extra step for their customers and the effort shows.Italian ice is considered very common in the United States, but Bella ëMbriana has brought what would be expected from a true Italian kitchen. Unlike the Italian ice you would normally find, it is served soft, with fresh squeezed lemon juice, and doesn’t require a spoon. The delicious summer beverage is sure to satisfy on hot Chicago days. Everything is made fresh, in house, and the utmost quality can be expected from Carmine and his team, their focus is always centralized on quality. The coffee is where Bella ëMbriana really separates itself, offering options that cannot be found anywhere else in the states. CaffÈ Moreno, is imported straight from Italy, is some of the best coffee in the world, and is difficult to find anywhere else. It has been their priority since opening to create a full circle experience from top to bottom and the effort does not go unnoticed. They keep their restaurant as authentic and honest as possible, and no short cuts are taken in their process. Always seeking to accommodate, they do offer catering and the option to host parties if that is preferred. Located at 4656 North Clark Street, stopping in is worth the visit, and Carmine and Nicholas will not disappoint in providing a memorable experience.

4656 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640