Benny B’s, Baldwin NY | Merchant Profile

Starting just three and a half years ago, Benny Bís has gained rapid success in the Baldwin area, becoming a household name for their fantastic soul food. Chef Benny Bodley has perfected the craft of the restaurant industry and his culinary expertise shines through his extensive menu. Being in the business for almost forty years, Benny knows first hand how to run a successful restaurant from top to bottom. With everything from a welcoming atmosphere, to foods that will bring familiarity and remind each customer of home, Benny Bís is definitely worth a visit while in the area. Benny has comprised a menu that is flavor driven, and all homemade to ensure the customer with the ultimate freshness. From top to bottom, Benny has something to offer everyone and there is sure to be something to suit anyone’s taste. The most popular item, the Chicken and Waffles, is a large homestyle waffle topped off with crispy chicken, simple, yet sweet and savory. Other fan favorites, are the Shrimp and Grits, as well as their Brisket and Ribs. Bennyís Mac & Cheese is highly regarded, as well as their Collard Greens. A refined simplicity is the direction Benny and his team have taken, and they have done so flawlessly. A fresh, homemade experience can be hard to find, so stopping in for a visit is an opportunity that is hard to pass up. The restaurant is always expanding ideas, and with Bennyís vast culinary knowledge he prides himself on his delicious menu. Authentic soul food always provides a sense of comfort, and Benny Bís is a great option while in the area.

2092 Grand Ave.
Baldwin, NY 11510