Big Papi’s, Franklin WI | Merchant Profile

Big Papiís is an up and coming Mexican restaurant that was established in March 2015. The owner, Arturo, had his sights set on this location in Franklin, Wisconsin for a few years, and was finally able to acquire it. Arturo has plenty of industry experience, starting with helping his mother make, sell and deliver baked goods in Mexico at six years old. When he was 18, Arturo opened a curbside Burger Cart. After he moved to the states, that strong entrepreneurial spirit lead him to open his first sit-down restaurant in 2010. He later sold that restaurant and worked for Palermoís Pizza, where he helped design the Screamin Sicilian brand. Finally, when the location he waited for became available to him, Arturo left Palermoís to start a new venture, Big Papiís.At Big Papiís, nothing is premade. Every single item is cooked fresh to order. They make their own tortillas and chips, and donít have, as Arturo puts it, a Chef Mic (i.e. microwave cooking) like so many other Mexican restaurants do. The fish tacos made with Haddock are a customer favorite, along with the variety of enchiladas Big Papiís offers. Tuesday they feature Cuban food alongside their main menu and salsa dancing lessons. Join them Thursdays for Puerto Rican cuisine!Consistency is key at Big Papiís. They will always use the same quality meats, to ensure that dish you so greatly enjoyed the first time will be exactly the same next time. Arturo believes food is very connected to memories. If he gets to be a part of a familyís celebration, and thereafter a part of the memory, that is what this industry is all about to him.Have your next party at Big Papiís. There are two rooms available, one that seats up to 60 guests while the other can host 100. The room is free until 10:00 pm when food is ordered, and depending on what you want served, food ranges from $14 to $25 a person. There is a variable menu that can fit everyoneís budget while still offering quality Mexican food.

9405 S 27th St
Franklin, WI 53132