Bin 56, Huntington NY | Merchant Profile

Located in Long Island, Bin 56 is a premium spot for casual wine tasting paired with fantastic food. With the ambiance to match, the restaurant provides a relaxing social experience that no other location in the area can provide. Owner Dan Pedisich has been in the wine industry for years starting as an importer and has an extensive knowledge of what it takes to be a successful wine connoisseur. When faced with the opportunity to open a wine bar, he took it and hasn’t looked back since. Delivering his knowledge to the area, Dan has provided a welcoming experience and is sure to satisfy.Setting themselves apart from similar establishments, Bin 56 offers a wide variety of wines based off of small distributors and small imports. Dan has sought to offer his customers brands they haven’t experienced before and you will not find any name brands. The goal is to share an experience of knowledge and appreciation of different varieties of wine and have great food at the same time. One of the most popular items on the menu, the Sesame Crusted Tuna, comes with a seaweed salad, wasabi, and honey, all of the flavors complimenting each other. Another popular item is the Flat bread Spanish Style Pizza if you are looking for something a bit more familiar. A more exotic item, the Fuûi, is a traditional dish from the northern part of Croatia which is a rolled pasta, with wild Istrian white truffle, shrimp, and parmesan cream. What makes Bin 56 so unique is the different preservation systems they use on their wines. You will find that all of the glasses that you order will be of the freshest, highest quality and not be an oxidized glass. The higher ends use a needle based system, and they also use a vino temperature system that incorporates a pressurized argon gas. If you don’t know what all of this means, rest assured, Dan has the knowledge to inform how this raises the standard on the wines you experience.  With excellent parking and superb customer service, this wine bar is a must visit while in the Huntington area, whether you are looking for a casual night out or a welcoming, social atmosphere. The location serves a various amount of high quality beers if wine isn’t your speed, and cider for the customers with a sweet tooth. Bin 56 also offers catering and provides the option to host parties. At 56 Stewart Avenue, the restaurant a fantastic option for casual dining.  

56 Stewart Ave
Huntington, NY 11743