Biograph Diner, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Biograph Diner is a 1960ís themed diner and is located in the historical Biograph Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. It is a continuation of the previous restaurant called Clarkeís and was featured in the movie Public Enemies. Biograph Diner prides itself on its timeless and simple cuisine. Everything served here is fresh and from scratch. Biograph Diner is known to have tasty desserts that people often want to eat them before their meals. They also have award-winning savory burgers that that are made from a special blend that is unique to Biograph. Another popular dish available is their omelets. There is such a large variety of omelets that all customers will find one that they enjoy. Additionally, Biograph soups are also frequently ordered. They have a variety of salads and sandwiches as well, which make for a good stop for lunch.Biograph Diner has won numerous awards for its burgers and its breakfast food. One can always expect Biograph Diner to be bustling for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since its location is a hub of walking traffic, Biograph always has new and returning customers coming in its doors. One of the most drawing things about Biograph Diner is the history that goes along with it. The family feeling that this restaurant provides makes it customers feel comfortable and happy while eating. Biograph Diner has the mantra ìLife is short. Eat Dessert First.î This feel good diner is a landmark and makes for a great and classic dining experience.

2441 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614